To Converge Us, You, and Technology, On Time.


To Converge

To Converge is what we’re all about.  Bringing together our knowledge of the industry, your needs, and exceptional technology, on time.  Allowing all of us to bring to bear the strongest and most effective solution.


With over 25 years of unmatched experience analyzing and improving pricing and trading processes, we’re able to provide strong expertise along with the latest technology to help evolve your business in a timely and cost-effective way.


You are the most important pillar of our collaboration. You are the decision maker, the product designer, the actuary, the business expert, the technologist, and others who have built dependable and efficient processes to conduct business. Utilizing all of this in convergence with Us and Technology means that you win and can get to where you want to go, on time.


A word that is often used but truly just represents one of the vehicles you need to stay ahead of the competition in an economical efficient way. Convergent utilizes the latest appropriate technology to remove the burdens of business so that you can stay ahead of that competition.

On Time

This is the catalyst that truly says it all.  A technology vendor who is On Time with solutions, On Time with support, and On Time with implementations. We have the track record that sets us apart and allows you to plan, control costs, and succeed now and in the future.