UV Cloud® is a comprehensive solution that manages assets, calculates unit and share values for a broad range of mutual fund and variable products, and has robust reporting and data export features. Sleek and intuitive wizards walk users through daily activities in UV Cloud®. Our web-based design offers convenient access from anywhere, but provides advanced security options such as two-factor authentication, access codes, and automated IP Address blocking.


Our fully customizable suite of reports will fulfill most periodic reporting requirements including the various STAT Schedule D and BA parts, GAAP audit reports, ledger data feeds, pricing tolerances, fee accrual reports and performance reporting. UV Cloud® reduces erroneous processing by providing functionality such as the correction materiality report which lets users see the change in unit values for a mutual fund price correction before it is executed. Additionally, extensive audit reports show the previous and new changes so that you can revert to the old values if a mistake is made.

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